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Our story

Approx. 8 minutes of reading time The story of TruckCntrl X  dates back to 2014. A lot of time has passed, there have been so many hiccups and life-changing experiences, that it’d take a book to explain everything. However, as we all know, sometimes a single life event triggers a chain of events that just […]

Icons library update

Today, we want to share with you a little more information about the upcoming Icons library. Suzy is working hard on more than 15 icons, which will be your personalized touch for the TruckCntrl X! Because this blog is the pioneer of the “Behind the scenes” category, we don’t want you to only  read some […]

The very first giveaway!

Dear supporters and followers, As we promised, we’d like to introduce you with the giveaway details. It will be held next week – starting on Tuesday, September 21st, and you will have the chance to win a brand new limited TruckCntrl X T-shirt! So what are the rules? You need to visit our social media […]

Upcoming FAQ section and new website design

Dear friends! We hope you are all feeling absolutely fantastic while enjoying these late summer days! We have finished gathering your questions on our social media channels. At this point, we’d like to make a last call for additional questions! If you have any uncertainties about TruckCntrl X regarding the features, the pricing, or you […]