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Thank you for your support in 2021

Dear fans and followers, 2021 is nearing its end and much like everyone else around, we’d like you to look back on this year with us. Did everything go as planned? Absolutely not…but that’s how we like it anyway! We had big plans, and we wanted to have finished the fully working prototype. But that’s […]

Material update – coating & finish

We have something remarkable for you today! Yet another great company-in-crime cooperation for the final finish of TruckCntrl X. This time, we’d like to present you with an update fresh out of the oven regarding the modules and buttons coating.   (Ready to get coated)   We’ve been looking for this solution for a few […]

Major update – mounting solution

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is about one of the frequently asked questions – the mounting solution for TruckCntrl X. The original idea was to simply put the left and right modules on the table, select a desired position, and use a table clamp to secure it. This should work easily enough, right? We’re certain that […]