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Behind the scenes

Material update – coating & finish

We have something remarkable for you today! Yet another great company-in-crime cooperation for the final finish of TruckCntrl X. This time, we’d like to present you with an update fresh out of the oven regarding the modules and buttons coating.   (Ready to get coated)   We’ve been looking for this solution for a few […]

Mechanical update – finishing buttons

Dear fans and followers, Today, we’d like to share something special. We have finally found a great partner-in-crime company for finishing the buttons for the whole TruckCntrl X. This really was not an easy task, as we’re looking for a very specific process to be followed. We also need to make sure the final product […]

Mechanical update – Lever fixture

Dear friends, we’re very proud to present today’s blog topic – Lever fixture into the main body. It is one of the most expected updates within our team. This is a big step in order to create a fully functional prototype that will allow us to continue our mission – bringing the physical TruckCntrl X […]

Icons library – second update

The weekend is almost here and that means we have some updates for you. This time about the Icons library! Suzy has worked hard on a new set of icons, with which you’ll be able to personalize your TruckCntrl X. As some of you demanded, she has taken a closer look at the Bus Simulator […]

Electrical stuff pt.1

Dear fans and followers, As we  promised in our last blog regarding Technologies and material, we’d like to focus today a bit more on electric prototyping! Mike has worked these past few days on a functional circuit for the backlight of all the buttons on TruckCntrl X. Want to know how it went? Keep on […]

Technologies & material

Have you ever wondered what technologies and materials we’re testing? This is your lucky day! In this Behind-the-scenes blog, we’d love to share more about the things we’re currently testing. As we have mentioned a few times under some posts, we’re 3D printing the prototype. Some of you might be skilled in 3D printing technologies, […]

Icons library update

Today, we want to share with you a little more information about the upcoming Icons library. Suzy is working hard on more than 15 icons, which will be your personalized touch for the TruckCntrl X! Because this blog is the pioneer of the “Behind the scenes” category, we don’t want you to only  read some […]