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Christmas update & let’s look back at year 2022

Fellow truckers, It’s been a few weeks since we published an update, and before we all leave to enjoy a quality time with our families and loved ones, we wanted to let you know how things are. The last update about having a working mechanism for the levers looked promising and gave us a real […]

Major update – The silence is over

Dear fans and followers, Mike here 👋 It’s been a long time since we’ve shared some news. Many of you wrote us an email or commented on our social media. We’ve tried to reply to everyone, and we really hope we didn’t forget about anyone. We’re still seeing new subscribers joining our TruckCntrl X family, […]

Dear supporters, Mike here ? It’s been a pretty quiet month when it comes to updates from us and I’d like to explain the reasons why. First and the most important thing: we’re still here and working towards the goal! We’ve just hit a few unfortunate obstacles on our road. Even Covid! (It still bothers […]

Major update – connection

New year means new updates! Let us wish you all the best in 2022 with our major update regarding connection. This will be a longer read, so please, bear with us, take a deep breath and here we go! Everything in life has to evolve. It’s been a long time since we introduced TruckCntrl X […]

Thank you for your support in 2021

Dear fans and followers, 2021 is nearing its end and much like everyone else around, we’d like you to look back on this year with us. Did everything go as planned? Absolutely not…but that’s how we like it anyway! We had big plans, and we wanted to have finished the fully working prototype. But that’s […]

Major update – mounting solution

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is about one of the frequently asked questions – the mounting solution for TruckCntrl X. The original idea was to simply put the left and right modules on the table, select a desired position, and use a table clamp to secure it. This should work easily enough, right? We’re certain that […]

Major update – Retarder lever

We promised a major update and this week we have a huge announcement. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we have finally decided to rework the wipers lever into a retarder.  Because who could imagine driving a truck with just a floor pedal, right? We believe that having a real retarder lever provides the option […]

Giveaway feedback form

Feedback is crucial for us. We have said this on the first day and it will never change. As the T-shirts are already in the hands of their new owners, let’s look back on the results of our giveaway form. This was an optional step to gather more entries and increase your chance of winning. […]

The very first giveaway!

Dear supporters and followers, As we promised, we’d like to introduce you with the giveaway details. It will be held next week – starting on Tuesday, September 21st, and you will have the chance to win a brand new limited TruckCntrl X T-shirt! So what are the rules? You need to visit our social media […]

Upcoming FAQ section and new website design

Dear friends! We hope you are all feeling absolutely fantastic while enjoying these late summer days! We have finished gathering your questions on our social media channels. At this point, we’d like to make a last call for additional questions! If you have any uncertainties about TruckCntrl X regarding the features, the pricing, or you […]

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