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Christmas update & let’s look back at year 2022

Fellow truckers,
It’s been a few weeks since we published an update, and before we all leave to enjoy a quality time with our families and loved ones, we wanted to let you know how things are.

The last update about having a working mechanism for the levers looked promising and gave us a real kick-in to work on new challenges. We were accomplishing this task and as a result, we need to rethink the idea about the levers from the left and right modules.

As you may have noticed on the earlier published video – the lever is moving rather by rotating the lever than pushing up or down. We’ve tried our best with a few revisions, we tried different shapes for the levers, and the result of the testing is: the current design has to be rethought.

Note the movement of the hand with the lever


We would be able to finish the levers in this way, however this would mean the force to actually move the lever would need to rotate a bit, unlike a real lever in a car or truck. This brought us to an idea to rethink the whole concept. Because we really think this would be a dealbreaker for our potential customers. And we don’t want to create the prototype just “because it’s working and doing what it should.” Nope, that’s a no-go for us.


We’ve also been battling with the distance of the levers on the left and right modules. In the images it might seem they are close to the steering wheel, but in real life the distance is pretty long and the experience of using the levers wasn’t so great. This is just another reason why we needed to rework the original idea.


Instead, we came up with a few ideas on how to integrate the levers into the middle module. We don’t want to disclose any further details at this stage, but we’re printing the needed parts, and we’re going to test this by the end of the year on our prototype plastics and steering wheel.
This would also allow us to integrate something brand-new and never previously announced. Are you tuned for another blog? You should be!

The core idea is to:

  • have movement of the levers like in a real car or truck
  • maintain the design line of TruckCntrl X as you know it as much as possible
  • get the design ready for most gaming steering wheels that are on market
  • implement this on already existing WIP mounting solution
  • create a robust and effective solution


What is the actual state of the redesign?
We were following the original concept for more than a year, preparing a visualization, 360 degree model and a lot of graphics stuff.
We’d like to try the other approach this time – we’re going to print the plastics, put them in use and if this concept proves right – you’ll get new images, videos, redesign of the website and all other needed stuff. We really need to make sure we’re spending the available amount of time and energy wisely.

A look back to 2022
As the year 2022 is slowly getting to an end, we also wanted to look back and say what went right and what went wrong. Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been so successful for TruckCntrl X as we hoped it would be.
The year 2022 started with a Covid wave for us, then we had to deal with some personal stuff and at the top of it, we had difficulties to solve the problems within this project. That was the first half of 2022, fortunately, the second half was a lot better!

Our newly joined mechanical designer Dominik made a huge impact and as he has joined us with a lot of energy and ideas, he’s the one who has made the biggest difference in the second half of the year. Big kudos to him! And the whole mechanical designing team as well!

Thanks to their work, we’re currently printing the new solution for the levers and even though we’ve been following a dead end with our initial concept, we’re now able to look back and say: “this wasn’t the right way, we need a fresh one.”


Where are we going with the TruckCntrl X project in 2023?
We need to define the needed steps more precisely and work towards the goals in a better and more effective way. As we all have full time jobs for now, we have to focus on the most important challenges and prove our concepts right or wrong.
It’s been more than a year of learning new things for us, this experience is something that cannot be bought.
So yes, we want to finish the prototype no matter what.


Thank you for your support in 2022
We’d like to thank you for all your support you showed us in 2022. If there hadn’t been such a great community, this project would end up in the bottom drawer again. But we are not aiming to give it up. Our main aim is to finish the prototype and hear your ideas and feedback. We feel we are able to make TruckCntrl X, but only with your help and support.

We hope you’ve had a successful year 2022, and that you’ve been able to accomplish all your goals. If not, you’re not alone. We have the whole year 2023 ready for this.

Have a lovely Christmastime wherever you are and enjoy all the beautiful moments that are waiting for you with your loved ones.

We’ll be looking towards a new year, new challenges and new updates we’re going to bring you in 2023. Thank you for being with us, stay safe and enjoy the holidays 🎄

Happy modding, trucking and safe travels 🚛🚛🚛


8 thoughts on “Christmas update & let’s look back at year 2022

  1. Happy holidays to you all. As they say, try and try again. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Its the right way to go about this, no good rushing into something that may not work as expected. I’m sure 2023 will be a much better year and any issues will be solved and worked out and a working prototype will emerge. Have a great Christmas break and be back in the new year full of new energies.

  2. aura t’il une prochaine grosse mise a jour dans les semaines qui suivent
    Bon courage et bonne conception

    1. Hey Alexis,
      Mike here 👋 We´re working on finishing the prototype which would allow us to go for the next stage. The deadline is not ready to be communicated, sorry!

      Stay tuned for more updates!

  3. Bonjour on n’est fin 2023 ou en êtes vous sur le projet, est ce que le prototype et bientôt fini.
    Passez de bonne fêtes de fin d’année en espérant avoir des nouvelles en 2024.


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