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Major update – connection

New year means new updates! Let us wish you all the best in 2022 with our major update regarding connection. This will be a longer read, so please, bear with us, take a deep breath and here we go!

Everything in life has to evolve. It’s been a long time since we introduced TruckCntrl X project back in the August 2021. We have changed, brainstormed, and implemented a lot of things, and there have been a lot of discussions about every feature we want to offer. Today, we’d like to announce one major change on our side.

Goodbye, Bluetooth.


Using Bluetooth connection has been our aim since the introduction of TruckCntrl X. However, we took a few more things into consideration and we’re saying goodbye to Bluetooth as of today. There are more reasons why, so let’s mention the most important ones.

Your feedback – we’ve been receiving continuous feedback about having a regular USB connection. Your main concerns were latency and stability of connection. We were defending the idea for some time because we thought the original Bluetooth concept would be better. We didn’t want to use a regular USB connection for the sake of having less cables on the table. But your feedback was clear that you don’t care about a couple more cables. And we get it.

Batteries –  some of you were worried about the batteries’ endurance and lifespan. There were even questions about a detachable cover for easier replacement. So there’s no need for such concerns anymore ?

How will the TruckCntrl X be connected?


We’re going to use a regular USB-C connector. You’ll be able to use any free USB port on your desktop or laptop device. No other features of TruckCntrl X are affected by this change.
The cable will be included in the package, of course!

Will you get more?


There’s also another reason why we’ve chosen a regular USB connection as the way to go.
Game events.

We’re happy to announce we’ll be able to reflect in-game events!

What does this mean for you?
When you set the parking brake, the LED indicator light on TruckCntrl X will turn on red. When you’ll flash your hazard lights, the dedicated TruckCntrl X button will be flashing accordingly. And much more… Awesome, right?

We’ll specify more details on this later in our blog, and you can also expect some testing videos. And finally, what would you say to a couple of livestreams?

We hope you like this change, so be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We can’t wait for your feedback again!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


13 thoughts on “Major update – connection

  1. What a way to kick start 2022. i had heard of a few concerns in regards to the Bluetooth connectivity and the recharging side of things, but with the news today, definitely a better way to go. There’s ways of hiding cables as long as the cable has a good reach from controller to pc that’s aways a concern. Having enough cable. Love the concept of having the game events happen on the controller that will be awesome. Roll on to the next update and ever getting closer to the final product. Great job everyone

  2. Awesome and happy new year to all of you this is great news and I’m sure it will help with making a console version in the future that would be super sweet but we on console still need a decent trucking game that is like ats and ets but un till then I’ve got pc to play them

  3. Great idea, bluetooth was a concern but love the new direction as opens up way more possibilities, is the usb type c to the pc or from the truckctelx? I only have 1 type c on my pc and I think I good few won’t have them in their machines. Still fairly rare on cases I think. Normal usb’s I have loads of even usb 3 hubs lol.
    Also loving the fact that it will have reactive leds as well, will add to the experience of using it and add to the emersion. Can’t wait to hear and see more. Cracking job guys.

  4. Julien Gerland-Dobat

    That’s awesome good news and good job I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to try this or see it

  5. To je super, myslím si že USB je rozhodně lepší řešení 🙂
    Ty kontrolky jsou také super že budou reagovat 🙂

  6. william rousseau

    Tout a fait d’accord avec le reste de la communauté. La connexion USB sera bien mieux. Merci et une bonne année a vous.

  7. Absolutely loving the upgrade also I am loving how everything is coming together guys keep up the good work can’t wait for the end product


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