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Major update – mounting solution

Hello everyone!
Today’s topic is about one of the frequently asked questions – the mounting solution for TruckCntrl X.

The original idea was to simply put the left and right modules on the table, select a desired position, and use a table clamp to secure it. This should work easily enough, right? We’re certain that it would, however, there are people out there whose gaming/racing rigs just don’t have any more room left. That’s why we came up with this robust solution.

TruckCntrl X will be mounted onto a specially designed base. This sturdy, metal base will make sure the modules are secure and stable. Even when you’re stuck in traffic and you’re pressing the hazard key or any lever very hard, we promise! ?

We had a quick chat with Monty about implementing the new mounting solution.

We have developed this very solution to provide the optimal position and smooth assembly of TruckCntrl X. The base can be placed anywhere on your table or gaming/racing rig. The next step is placing the steering wheel onto it and securing it. This base will be manufactured from solid metal, to provide optimal weight to rigidity ratio. It will be easy to modify the base for your specific demands for skilled moders”

We listen, folks!
This solution also covers people who already have no room left on their tables. With this base, you can extend your original base plate and use TruckCntrl X without any issue. Just place it onto the current one and finish attaching the rest of your setup. Voilá!


(Front view) (Rear view)

The base is already being produced as a prototype, we can’t wait to share IRL photos!

Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments, we’re eager to hear from you!

Thank you for your continuous support and enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


11 thoughts on “Major update – mounting solution

  1. Wow. This is actually an awesome solution for the mounting. Having a base plate that can be mounting to anywhere or on anything in a position required is great. The fact it is going to be sturdy but still light enough. I would ask if there maybe mounting holes predrilled for the different wheel bases like some wheel stands that are around like the omega gt wheel stand or I guess the wheel base it self will hold the base plate down. Looking forward to see some irl pics though. Great job

    1. Thanks for your feedback! We´re not planning to have predrilled holes, however, we should be able to provide you with some templates as Thrustmaster does.
      The wheel itself will hold the base plate down, that is correct, sir ✅

      1. I’m sure predrilled holes for the most common wheels like Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec would be most appreciated by many, me included.

  2. Wow that’s an amazing solution for clamping the mods to a desk and/or gaming rig. I got a gaming rig and without this base plate, I won’t be able to buy this as I wouldn’t have a way to mount it. I’m so excited for this project to see the light of day. Take your time, team. Better have a near perfect product rather than rushing to market with a half broken one. I’m sure a lot of us will agree with that.

    Good luck and looking forward to the next steps and updates.

  3. Base plate looks good, but shouldn’t there be an opening in the middle of vertical plate for wheel cables?
    Also sliding mounting for side units as on the vertical plate to adapt for wheel size.

    1. You’re indeed right and the blog got updated! 🙂
      The base will be ready for the majority of steering wheels. Be sure to let us know if you have doubts if yours fits in and we’ll check for you!

  4. This looks really good. Question, will any form of rubber feet be an option to put under the base plate? I have a tempered glass table that I use, and just putting metal directly on it would scratch it up and slide around.

  5. Hello. A good approach. Keep at it and keep up the good work.

    For me, this plate will probably be out of the question. I built my rig myself and don’t have a commercially available product.

    However, I have another solution that needs to be tested.
    Depending on the weight of the side parts for indicators and windscreen wipers and so on…… Could you attach them with magnetic strips or ? Magnetic strips that you stick to the steering wheel base. That way you can attach all 3 elements to the top, left and right of the base. I think that should also be stable. I know I’m probably one of the few who prefers this but it would be worth considering. Velcro fastener will probably be too weak and too wobbly.

    1. Hey Bernd,
      thanks for your comment! To be honest, we haven’t considered the magnets solution yet. The modules shouldn’t be so heavy, so strong magnet couldn’t handle it, however….imagine a force you’d be using to switch the levers. I’d be afraid of “dancing” the modules beside the steering wheel, so I guess it wouldn’t be so stable. Just thinking out loud here…

      Anyway, thanks for an idea, we’ll definitely look further into it!


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