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Major update – Retarder lever

World's first dedicated controller for virtual drivers

We promised a major update and this week we have a huge announcement. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we have finally decided to rework the wipers lever into a retarder.  Because who could imagine driving a truck with just a floor pedal, right?

We believe that having a real retarder lever provides the option to simulate a real cab even better. This should be beneficial for every trucker, bus driver or even a virtual farmer out there. The lever can be configured in game settings, so the actual usage may vary. We can’t wait to see you customizing the behavior of TruckCntrl X for any game!

We also took this opportunity to use some of the custom icons from the Icon Library Suzy worked on, which means that TruckCntrl X got a new 360° model render!

Enjoy the 360° view of TruckCntrl X today!

All previously provided passwords are valid.

The personalized icons were chosen by Mike. He has chosen the electrical start (ignition), wipers control, drive, and reverse. Perfect combination for maximum driving comfort.

What would be your favorite set of icons?

Let us know in the comments below!

Enjoy the view and have a great week, everyone.
More news coming soon!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


12 thoughts on “Major update – Retarder lever

  1. Looks like now we will have a deal, a retarder level is something I’m looking for a long time. Well done!

  2. Damn, finally a company that listen to community, great job guys. I would maybe see a feature for plain lights on left lever but the architecture doesn’t allow it I guess, and maybe add buttons to pull the axle…

  3. Awesome job on the retarder lever. U can’t drive a truck or bus without one of those as they are a major feature irl. Suzy doing a great job on the icons. Liking the bus sim icons alot. Keep up the awesome work guys. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. I would like to see a rocker switch of some sort for different view angles while driving rather than using the keyboard, so you can use it for things like driving straight ahead, looking left, looking right, and looking behind camera views. especially when people are using a single display, or can’t work out the correct angles for display settings for multi-mon.

  5. Ralf Assenmacher

    Kann es kaum erwarten das es fertig ist. Hoffe nur es wird nicht zu teuer. Großes lob an euch. Weiter so. Liebe Grüße


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