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Major update – The silence is over

TruckCntrlX levers & parts

Dear fans and followers,
Mike here 👋 It’s been a long time since we’ve shared some news. Many of you wrote us an email or commented on our social media. We’ve tried to reply to everyone, and we really hope we didn’t forget about anyone. We’re still seeing new subscribers joining our TruckCntrl X family, and we couldn’t be happier about that!

How did we spend the months in silence?
I wrote a brief blog about what’s happening in TruckCntrl X project earlier this year. We’ve had some work, and personal related issues that sadly meant we weren’t able to dedicate as much time as to TruckCntrl X we wanted.
We had a few long talks about all that, and we’ve agreed we would like to carry on, but an important decision has to be made.

We started looking for more people to get involved in all the tasks we need to work on. It’s easy to say “we’re looking for a new team member”, but it’s pretty hard to actually find a person who is talented, easy-going and has enough spare time to dedicate it to a project like this.

It took us several months to go through this process (and a bunch of people) to find the right match.

It’s our pleasure to announce we have a newly joined Mechanical designer, Dominik. You’ll hear a lot more about him later on. You can e-meet him in our Meet the team section.

Dominik started delivering solutions from the first day he joined us, so we’re able to show you the inner lever mechanism which is completely 3D printed and works according to our desires in action now! ?


(Yes, we kept this in silence for a while)



Is this really a major update?
YES! There has been a lot of effort put into solving this part of the left (and right) module. As the movement of the lever is one of the most crucial parts of TruckCntrl X, it’s amazing to say that this part of the prototype is mastered. We can move on.

How will things look now?
We’re about to have an important meeting about priorities for the Mechanical design next week. There are still a lot of things we need to solve, however, we’re certain we’ve made a huge step in order to create a fully working prototype. This would allow us to proceed further with all the plans we have.

Can you expect regular updates again?
The plan is to keep you posted with every minor and major update we’ll achieve. As of now, we’re not relaunching the regular newsletter, however, we’ll be focusing on writing blogs and social posts more often.
We appreciate you reading them, and I, personally, enjoy writing them. Sounds like a deal.

TruckCntrlX levers & parts



What was the fascinating idea of a sim-targeted product for flying?
Yes, I owe you a few sentences about this as well. In the meantime, as we were trying to find another talented member of our team for TruckCntrl X project, I came up with an idea of 3D built Autopilot module. I also fly a bit in my free time, and I got tired of scrolling with the mouse in the cockpit. I built the first version for myself, but later on I decided to make it a commercially available product.

? SimpleFCU is a second project I’ve been working on for a few months.



The project is currently in the after preorder phase and is living a separate life from TruckCntrl X project now. We’ve learned many things that will be applicable for the TruckCntrl X project as well, so definitely the time was spent in the right way.
Be sure to check it out if you love flying  ✈️



Final word

Thank you for all your questions and emails, we still feel the support from you. It’s my biggest pleasure to be finishing another blog after such a long break!

Thank you very much for being with us, we can’t wait to share more great news with you!

Have a wonderful day!

Sincerely for the whole TruckCntrl x team,

Happy trucking & modding! 🚛🚛🚛


5 thoughts on “Major update – The silence is over

  1. Welcome back truckcntrlx, Its awesome to see you posting again. And welcome dominik. Looking forward to see what great engineering feats you come up with with this amazing project. As I’ve already told you, my community and friends have been asking question this past year and now I can give them some answers.
    The way the lever looks and works is a great update and I’m sure the rest of the project will make great strides from now on. Keep working hard and the results will come sooner rather than later. Can’t wait for the next update in the near future.

  2. Welcome back, was wo Deri g when we would hear anything. I was checking my email regularly and hopeing you were still going. Cant wait to see more of this great project.


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