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Material update – coating & finish

We have something remarkable for you today! Yet another great company-in-crime cooperation for the final finish of TruckCntrl X. This time, we’d like to present you with an update fresh out of the oven regarding the modules and buttons coating.


(Ready to get coated)


We’ve been looking for this solution for a few months. Why is the coating of the modules and buttons super important?

While choosing the appropriate coating, we discovered the secrets of automotive finish for our modules & buttons. The crucial factors here are:
– durability
– stability of the coating
– health friendly
– quality of coating process
– resistance to UV, sweat, etc.

The coating we’ve chosen contains everything mentioned above. And the results are spectacular. See for yourself!


(In painting shop)

(Assembled for a test)


By using this industrial (but still water based!) coating, we can guarantee the buttons won’t be peeling, suffering from UV radiation, and even after thousands of touches they will still be awesome. We even tried to scratch them with a screwdriver. The results are great, however, we do not recommend it once you have TruckCntrl X on your table ?

If you’ll excuse us now, we’re off to laser some super-awesome icons!


(Gimme some icons!)


Stay tuned for the outcome, talk soon!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


4 thoughts on “Material update – coating & finish

  1. Awesome job. The buttons and switches look great with the finish. And then fitted to the panel itself. Wow. So looking forward to seeing the result with the icons on the switches and in place.


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