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Mechanical update – finishing buttons

Dear fans and followers,
Today, we’d like to share something special. We have finally found a great partner-in-crime company for finishing the buttons for the whole TruckCntrl X. This really was not an easy task, as we’re looking for a very specific process to be followed. We also need to make sure the final product quality will be detailed, perfect and durable.

You might be wondering why these buttons above are not so smooth. Well, these had been printed out on a FDM printer. Then they were sanded with the max. usage of 2000 grit sandpaper underwater. Finally, the top coating has been applied and this made the buttons ready to be put under a laser, so the icons from our Icon library could’ve been born.

You can read more about the printing techniques in one of our previous blogs here.

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’ll be able to produce high-quality icons, but it also showed us that the FDM print is not sufficient for this type of operation. Even with a great amount of post-processing, the buttons are not perfect. We were expecting a result like this, so it’s clear we have to use other techniques for the buttons.

In the last image, you can clearly see the dimensions of the buttons in one of our body test prints.
But what we love the most is when the buttons are backlit, yay!

Aren’t they awesome?

Let us know in the comments below and have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


7 thoughts on “Mechanical update – finishing buttons

  1. For first type mock ups they are looking great. Just need to hone in on the final stage and they will get there. It’s awesome to see another company join forces to get a final product and the quality you are looking for and what the consumer would expect. The test left panel looks awesome and will really shine out in lower light levels when they are next to the wheel. It’s getting exciting seeing the process come to life.

  2. hallo,das schaut alles sehr gut aus lasse mich auf das ergebniss gerne überraschen und klaro der endpreis.lg

  3. Saludos desde España, gran trabajo el que estáis realizando los materiales la retroiluminacion se ven genial mucho ánimo y seguid así esperamos impacientes los buenos resultados.


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