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Mechanical update – Lever fixture

Dear friends,
we’re very proud to present today’s blog topic – Lever fixture into the main body. It is one of the most expected updates within our team. This is a big step in order to create a fully functional prototype that will allow us to continue our mission – bringing the physical TruckCntrl X to life!

We’d like to present you with these two pictures, along with the comment from our Lead Mechanical Designer – Monty.

“We’re taking the endurance and used materials challenge very seriously. With hand-picked materials and perfect mechanical design, we’ll be able to guarantee the durability of the final product. This also allows us to see the potential design flaws before production. This means material reduction, cheaper final price and lesser impact on the environment. Win-win-win.

These reinforcement ribs are especially made to secure the lever mechanism and prevent deformation during use. Our goal is to ensure durability and stability of the whole module & fine-tuned feeling when operating the lever as well.

To minimize the outer dimensions and assembly difficulties, we use the L-shaped cover panel as one of the main structural elements of the body.”

We can’t wait to get this 3D printed, fitted with the lever and the buttons!

Oh, we still haven’t shared the awesomeness of buttons with our icons on it?

Let’s do it in another blog!

Have a great week, everyone!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


5 thoughts on “Mechanical update – Lever fixture

  1. Looking awesome picture by picture. How will the levers be connected. I’m assuming the will have a pivot point and held tension with springs and then a micro switch of some kind. I’m trying to visualise the inner workings. How was the structural elements fitted or were there printed along with the main body. I’m asking about long term durability and them not breaking easerly. Great job though.

    1. We’ll share more details about this later 🙂 We can assure you about some crash tests coming in later this year ? We might want to take a video of it as well.

        1. Hey Luky,
          TruckCntrl X will work independently of steering wheel. We’re not sure if this answers your question? ?
          The release date and price has not been set, yet. We’ll keep you posted on our social media channels and via newsletter.

          Thanks for your support!


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