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Thank you for your support in 2021

Dear fans and followers,

2021 is nearing its end and much like everyone else around, we’d like you to look back on this year with us.

Did everything go as planned?
Absolutely not…but that’s how we like it anyway! We had big plans, and we wanted to have finished the fully working prototype. But that’s life. Especially when you take on such a big challenge as TruckCntrl X! We realize that our main idea might seem simple enough, however perfect solutions demand time.

Having high demands and expectations, it isn’t easy for us to find proper companies to work with. But we promised quality, durability, and nothing short of perfection. So we’re working towards this goal every day.

We introduced the original idea back in August. You can read more about that in the “Our story” article.

We needed a couple of new team members. And at that point, we started discovering all the essential things we need to work on. Technologies & material for prototyping, custom Icons library, we even found a solution for backlighting the buttons & modules.
And on top of that, we’ve successfully organized our very first T-shirt giveaway.

Phew, what a busy year it was!

What do we expect from the year 2022?
Our top priority is definitely having a finished prototype.

We’ll keep on fine-tuning everything, and use any methods we find useful during the process. We’re continuously working on all the parts of TruckCntrl X. Some things are already settled, others are still open for discussion. Speaking of discussion, we’re always happy to receive any feedback, and we appreciate every email you send us.
Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to integrate some of the features you asked for, such as the Retarder lever or Mounting solution.

What’s going to happen then?
Eventually, we’ll be able to release a launch date and a starting price. A lot of you have the code for free shipping from our premiere campaign, so we hope you stored it somewhere safe, because you’ll need it 😉

Thank you!
The year 2021 has been an extraordinary year for all of us. We’ve been able to build an amazing team, and along the way, we made some friends within companies that are delivering outstanding products and services. Thanks to these partnerships, we’ll be able to deliver the product we strive to deliver – awesome TruckCntrl X.

We’ve also gathered a great gaming community around us. There are Discord channels, YouTube videos and never-ending support on social media out there. We can’t really tell how greatly they help us deal with all the difficult tasks every day.
We can’t really thank you enough! You guys are so awesome!

Thank you everyone for such a remarkable year. There have been so many challenges, and even more are waiting for us in 2022.

We are ready for them, keep´em coming!

Enjoy the holidays everyone and let’s talk again in January.

Merry Christmas and stay safe! ? ?

yours TruckCntrl X team – Mike, Monty, Lubos, Suzy, Patrick, and Tom.


2 thoughts on “Thank you for your support in 2021

  1. It has been an awesome year for you guys. In such a short time you have shown so much. I really liked the different areas that you have shown us through the blogs and look forward in seeing what comes next. 2022 is going to be another epic year for all at truckcntrlx and the enthusiased looking to see the final product. Awesome job guys. Stay safe and a Merry Christmas to you all at truckcntrlx and a happy new year. See you in 2022.


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