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Update – Explanation on situation why we’re so quiet

Dear supporters,
Mike here ? It’s been a pretty quiet month when it comes to updates from us and I’d like to explain the reasons why.

First and the most important thing: we’re still here and working towards the goal! We’ve just hit a few unfortunate obstacles on our road. Even Covid! (It still bothers people around the world, right! ?)

We have started 2022 with a very ambitious plan, but it barely took a week or two and few of the team members got Covid. Because of that, we’ve started gathering delays. With this situation in mind, the mechanical design of the levers is still pretty tough work to do. And on top of that, there are life situations (such as moving) that collide with our plans as well.

Let’s put it this way – we haven’t started the 2022 in a timely manner. We’re sorry for that!

Anyway, the plans are still getting updated and the work is getting done. We’ll update you as soon as we have something interesting to tell! We just want to be straight with you, that’s what matters to us the most.

Speaking of honesty, in the meantime I came up with a fascinating idea of another sim-targeted product for flying. Because of all that happened, I’ve had a bit of bonus time to work on it. You’ll hear more about it soon.

Please, accept a few more pictures from us as an apology.

We’re still seeing new people subscribing and that’s what keeps the whole team going!

Stay safe everyone and talk soon!

Happy modding&trucking! ???


10 thoughts on “Update – Explanation on situation why we’re so quiet

  1. Hey team. I hope thoughs that caught covid have a speedy recovery. I too happened to catch it 3 weeks ago but I’m OK now. And hope the move went smoothly. The levers are looking good and from the screen shot look nice in the panel. Looking forward to the next update and the whole team working back together

      1. Super, už jsem se lekl že se zastavil vývoj, protože na Facebooku je tento článek jako poslední a pak dlouhá doba temna ?.

  2. Salut truckctrlx comment allez vous ? Est ce qu’on aura une mise à jour du projet dans pas longtemps j’aimerais bien voir l’avancement du projet.

    1. Hey there! We’re currently expanding our team, as we wouldn’t be able to finish the prototype with the current amount of people involved in the project. We’re planning to write a blog about that and hopefully there’ll be more updates soon!
      Thank you for your support and patience ?


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