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General questions

Is there a final price?

Not yet. We’re working hard on the prototype, and we need to make sure the quality of the product is satisfying for us. Because if it is for us, it’ll be perfect for you as well.
In order to become a sustainable business, we need to do proper calculations before announcing the final price.

Will the price include shipping?

The shipping is free for anyone, who subscribed for the newsletter in the first 4 weeks of announcing the product. Everyone who did so, should have received the code on the “Thank-you” page and in the newsletter email. If you have issues locating it, just let us know at contact@truckcntrlx.com, and we’ll make this right.

For others, the cost of shipping will be specified in the order process.

When will the product be available?

The release date has not been announced yet. We have very high expectations of the product, and at this stage of development, time means quality to us. We’ll keep you informed on our social media channels and via the newsletter.

Is there a delivery timescale?

Not yet.

How the TruckCntrl X will be connected?

We’re going to use a regular USB-C connector. You’ll be able to use any free USB port on your desktop or laptop device.

How will TruckCntrl X be mounted?

You can easily mount TruckCntrl X onto a specially designed base. This sturdy, metal base will make sure the modules are secure and stable. Read more about it in our blog post.

Will TruckCntrl X be compatible with steering wheels on the market?

Yes! The inner shape of left and right modules is especially designed, so it can fit almost all steering wheels currently on the market.

Is TruckCntrl X environmentally friendly?

We aim TruckCntrl X to be as “eco-friendly” as possible. The plastics will be biodegradable and packaging will be as green as possible.

Can I buy the parts separately?

No, at this point, we’re not planning to sell parts separately. The product will be available in two versions.

Will you sell just the one product or a range with more/fewer buttons determined by price?

There’ll be two versions of TruckCntrl X. “Rookie version” and “Expert version”. These will vary in the number of buttons available. Also, “Rookie” version cannot get personalized buttons, and the product will have fewer features and thus will be less expensive. We’ll talk about this later on.

Will TruckCntrl X work with games other than ETS2 and ATS?

Yes! TruckCntrl X is designed as a joystick, it’ll work with any other game that supports joysticks/external controllers.
It’ll easily work with OMSI, Fernbus, The Bus, Farming Simulators, Forza Horizon, Snow Runner, etc.

Are consoles supported?


What is the contact email address?

You can contact us from our Contact page or directly at contact contact@truckcntrlx.com  with any question you might have. We’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.


Wireless charger - how does it work?

Expert version will have wireless charger integrated in the right panel. You can put your phone(or any other device that supports wireless charging) at the top of it and voilá!
Disclaimer: The actual charging power may vary because of phone cases or the distance of the phone from the wireless charger in general.
Tech. details: Allows charging for any Qi-enabled device. The power output is 10W.

Will the device be plug and play, or will there be special software we need to install?

We’re using the plug and play solution. All the buttons will be fully configurable in the game settings menu.

Will the current "blank" buttons be actual buttons on the final version?

Yes, these buttons are actual buttons, and you’ll be able to personalize them from the icon library for the “Expert version” on submitting the order.

Can I choose custom icons for some buttons?

Yes, you’ll be able to choose 4 custom buttons on the right panel for the “Expert version”. The personalized product will be shipped directly to your address then. We’re currently working on an icon library for this.

Any chance of an ignition with a key instead of buttons?

We’re not planning on having an ignition key for now, sorry.

Are the units back-lit, for example, when you press the hazard lights button, does the button flash as it would IRL?

All the buttons will be backlit for night driving in comfort. And we will support the game events, such as flashing the hazard lights once are turned on!

Will there be an actual lever for the parking brake rather than an electrical push button?

No. The parking brake will have a dedicated button.

Is CC speed adjustable? Is there a CC Resume button?

Yes, it’ll be adjustable. The CC Resume button can be mapped with any available free button.

Is this available for certain countries or all countries?

We’ll be shipping the product worldwide. If you’re still unsure whether your country has some restrictions, let us know at support@truckcntrlx.com, and we’ll check it together.

Will the blinker stalk “spring back” to off position after a turn is made ?

No. We’re not planning on implementing the servos in the current version.

Will there be an option to control both windows?

TruckCntrl X will come with a factory preset for buttons, however you can remap all the buttons as you wish. Also, with the “Expert version”, you’ll be able to personalize a few buttons while submitting the order.

Can I assign different functions to the keys, or are they “locked” to a specific function in game?

You can fully remap all the buttons as you wish.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us on our Contact page.